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Why Choose Lumber King?



Don’t learn a new system. Have the system learn you. Whatever the size of your business, and whichever combination of timber, log, or lumber yard you are, Lumber King adapts. Don’t be short on the tools you need with a system which is made for lumber but not timber, and don’t have the unnecessary timber tools for your lumber system. And if you need all three for your hardwood requirements, Lumber King is king.


Be on the same page. Pull all your people, machinery, and protocol together, and have it functioning effortlessly and circularly with Lumber King, no matter how diverse your operations. Standardization and communication are essential, and we will have all the pieces working in conjunction.

The Basics

Running the diverse needs of a hardwood timber, log, and/or lumber business can be made simpler, more streamlined, error-free, and thereby more profitable with Lumber King. It is a total solution system which manages your inventory and operations in real time from wherever you are. Lumber King puts you in control and pulls together your data, your process, and your people using innovative software and state of the art and durable handheld hardware.

Future Proof

You don’t want to change your technology over and over, and we don’t want you to either. Lumber King is future proof and upgrades and expands to changes in the industry and technology as they happen.


In this business – and especially in the field – you need to be able to use your system where and when you need it. Not only do we pride ourselves in the product’s functionality and durability under any circumstances, but in our ability to help or fix any problems you’re having. From the moment you contact us, we’re solving.

Experience and Commitment

We have over 20 years of industry experience and we are dedicated to being the best timber, log, and lumber inventory and management system.  We also are devoted to satisfying our customers, producing products which can adapt to anything, making your business run more efficiently, saving you time, money and making sure our products and support leave you worry-free. And we’re committed to doing it affordably.

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