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Why Lumber King Matters

Why Lumber King Matters


There are close to 19,000,000 empty homes in the United States, according to this CBC article. A by-product of the housing market’s crash, the great emptying of houses across the country brought home building to a stand-still, causing stagnation in the markets and crippling the North American lumber industry. To combat falling lumber values, yards have taken measures to save money by lessening waste, consolidating facilities, and, sadly, cutting jobs. But despite the hardships the industry has faced over the past few years, hope remains.

The market, though lagging, is steadily creeping upward toward recovery; furthermore, technologies have improved over the past few years, allowing for better efficiency – Lumber King being one of those technologies. Mobile handhelds remedy cost woes by eliminating the unnecessary hours required to manually record tallies. A job that takes one to two days can now take three hours thanks to the convenience of technology.

This, in turn, improves business and ultimately benefits your company. The housing crash was devastating, there is no denying that. But with perseverance, good management, and the addition of mobile technology, there is a bright future for the lumber industry.

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